'I’m in love with that girl. There are just some beings that I’m very attracted to, and I find that with her. Just the way that she is, I want to help her so much. It’s like, when you see a little kid or a cute dog and you think, ‘Oh, my God, I want to take care of you,’ and you have an immediate affinity for them. I just want to take care of that girl. I love acting with her. It’s just a beautiful thing because she plays. If you put something out there, she’s right there, and she’ll match whatever you’ve got. She’s terrific.' -- Jason Dohring.

Friends Only

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"do i dazzle you?"

That is my new journal and I hope you guys add it! If you don't, that's fine no hard feelings! If you do leave me a note on the friends only post and I'll add you right back! I'm keeping this journal just as a archive of my short list of fan fic right now so if you want to keep it added for that go ahead, if you don't that's fine too. Hope to see you at onelittletheory!


The Black Donnellys
Friending Meme!

TBD is an amazing new show and I think us fans need to meet and greet some fellow fans! PIMP, PIMP, PIMP! And make some friends =]


friends cut

I did a friends cut and deleted everyone. This is your chance to defriend me if you've always wanted to but never had the chance. No hard feelings. If you want to stay friends, add me, and comment here that you added me. Thanks.

Veronica Mars Blogs - VM Blog Ring

This idea was borrowed from amyshaped's Harry Potter Blog Ring and I haven't seen one for Veronica Mars blogs so I thought why not!

In case you do not know what a Blog Ring is, it is basically a group of journals or blogs that are connected with one theme. The theme in this case being the characters of Veronica Mars. Once you join, a blog ring (shown below) should be put somewhere where people can see it (userinfo).

To join: You need to fill out the form below with the information of the Character from VM you would like to be (ALL characters ever introduced in any episode of VM may be chosen) and what color you want your link to be. Be aware though, you can not choose a character that has already been chosen! Make sure to browse the Characters Taken list below and the comments above yours to make sure the character you want has not already been chosen.

To post the ring: After you've filled out the form and posted it in a comment to this post, I will make the link with the colors you want and I will host them on photobucket. Then I will put your character and your username on the Characters Taken list along with the link to your ring.

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BTW, Tell your friends! ♥

icon resources.

dearest textures
77words brushes
calikalie vm caps.
oxoniensis vm caps.
stevie_jane brushes
marishna vm caps
colorfilter brushes
unmasked_icons textures/brushes
leakedout brushes/textures
peoplemachines brushes
lovelamp textures
fate textures
elli textures
www.leavemethewhite.com - dead like me caps
hybrid-genesis.net- brushes
hilaryonline.net hilary duff pics
www.ever-lasting.net mean girls caps

Some brushes I have no idea who made them, so if you seen one you made that I didn't credit, comment. The mood theme, as well, I forgot who made it so if it is yours, TELL ME so I can credit you!
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